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Build a Bigger Bench Press with Bench Press Blueprint

January 9, 2010

When I was a kid, all I wanted was a big bench press. I remember a few kids in high school got to 300 pounds plus, some even hit 400. I was astonished. I worked hard, but I didn’t have the physical gifts that those guys had.

I also didn’t have a proven system. Now, you can benefit from learning from a record-holder in the bench press. Dave Delisle and I just co-wrote a book called, “Bench Press Blueprint,” where we lay out for all to see exactly what Dave has done to blast his bench from 300 pounds to well over 500 pounds in a matter of months!

Yes, months.

In Bench Press Blueprint, Dave and I tell you how Dave did it. It’s worth a read. Check out the Bench Press Blueprint today.