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How To Build Power and Size in Your Chest

December 18, 2009

Best Chest ExercisesI just got a review copy of Nick Nilsson’s The Best Chest Exercise You Have Never Heard Of, and I have to tell you, it’s simply awesome!

Nick is known as the Mad Scientist in the bodybuilding and fitness training arena, and after reading his book, I know why! It’s full of awesome chest-building exercises, many of which I, a long-time weight trainer (over 30 years), have never seen.

But it’s not really important that the exercises are different. What is important is that they’re effective. Having known Nick for a while now, I know he only puts out quality stuff. You know, stuff that works. None of it is BS. It’s pure, unadulterated solid gold advice.

Nilsson has been in the business for years now and he’s highly respected. Plus, the guy is a total weightlifting animal!

I strongly urge you to take a look at The Best Chest Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of. I give it my highest recommendation!