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Coming Soon! The Hard Gainer’s Manifesto

January 23, 2009

The report I have been writing for a while now is done. Well, almost done. I have to do some promotion, get some eyes on it, etc. (having never sold an ebook).

In other words, I have to market it. But I’m not a “rah rah” guy — kinda low-key, just think people ought to buy Hardgainer’s Manifesto because it just works, dammit! but I should know better.

In former lives, I’ve been a salesman.

In the next few days, hopefully before the weekend is over, I’m going to launch the report. Go to Hard Gainer’s Manifesto for the sales pitch. Until I launch the product, I will be promoting a 25% off coupon for the book (you have to go to the link and sign up. If you don’t sign up, you don’t get the discount). Not sure how I’ll accomplish that with the platform I am using (ClickBank), but I’ll make it work.

I’ll also need a sales team, so if you like what you see, become an affiliate. I’ll be giving a 75% commission on any sales of the report you make, so combine that with the discount, and you will see that by selling one copy, you will have your own for free.

Not a bad gamble, is it?


How to Build Muscle Quickly

January 7, 2009
Featured Article!

Featured Article!

I just had one of my articles accepted over at EzineArticles, called How to Build Muscle Quick, that details the exercise and diet plan you should follow in order to build some quality muscle super-fast. Take a look at it and tell me what you think in the comments.

The keys, of course, are training that stimulates muscle growth, and food intake that supplies the raw materials to re-build the muscle bigger and stronger than before.

Did you know that you could increase natural production of human growth hormone through diet and exercise? You can!

Follow the routines laid out in the article, and you just may find yourself gaining muscle faster than you ever imagined.

For more muscle-building information, check out my blog, Muscle-Build Blog, and my other web sites, Muscle-Build and Hard Gainer’s Manifesto (course coming soon!), where I give you (mostly) free advice, tips, training plans, eating programs, and other muscle-building advice.